Kevin Murphy

Software Developer


Kevin Murphy is the Director of Software Development at The Gnar Company. He works primarily with back-end technologies. He’s most proficient with Ruby, but also writes Elixir and Golang. He recognizes that Javascript exists, and is happy that other people like it. He enjoys solving integration and architecture concerns with projects.

Kevin enjoys speaking at conferences and meetups, writing about what he’s learned, and talking on podcasts.

Kevin graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (2008) and Bentley University (2010). After college, he worked as a developer in the insurance and healthcare technology industries before joining The Gnar Company.

Kevin is originally from New Hampshire, and currently lives with his wife and daughter outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He enjoys supporting and visiting his local greyhound rescue when he can. He likes live music and is passionate about very specific artists, namely Bruce Springsteen and Nine Inch Nails. He enjoys watching hockey and other people make woodworking projects, which leaves him with no time to make projects of his own.

Kevin maintains the clockwork-test gem, which is a test harness for the clockwork gem.