Kevin Murphy

Software Developer

Available For Hire

UPDATE: I am no longer looking for work. Below is my original post from when I was.

I’m a Ruby and Rails developer looking for my next full-time remote role. Here’s a little about me and what I’m looking for. If this sounds like a good fit for your organization, I’d love to talk with you.

How I Work 🔗

I ❤️ fast feedback loops for development, code review, and customer reaction. I don’t TDD all the time, but I don’t travel far without checking in with my tests to check in on me. I focus on back-end improvements and code organization. I like to orchestrate small, understandable components to ship your next feature.

I get energized from setting my team up for success. That may mean evaluating alternative implementations. It could be determining prioritization of planned work. It will mean working with teammates to level up technical abilities. I’m proud to see my peers thrive.

I’ll admit, I’m not quick - I’m thorough. I confirm requirements, identify edge cases, and document intentional choices. I deliver code focused on maintainability and understanding. I build for the long haul, keeping in mind today’s constraints.

What I Work On 🔗

Ruby is home for me, and where I’d like to focus. In the last year I’ve also deployed Elixir and Golang code to production. I have a track record of delivering solutions to big problems with small teams.

I have experience in healthcare tech, insurance tech, and consulting. I carry that history with me. It informs decisions and choices we make today to do right by customers and stakeholders.

I’ve spoken at RailsConf and RubyConf multiple times. I’ve presented at many meetups. I prepare presentations for internal and external audiences for us all to learn.

This last year I’ve written articles featured in Ruby Weekly, Awesome Ruby, and Ruby Radar. My next post could be highlighting the great work we do and key learnings we discover together.

What I’m Looking For 🔗

I’m looking for a full-time remote Staff/Principal/Architect role. I want to mentor team members, ship meaningful work, and learn from each other. If that sounds like a fit for your team, let’s talk.